Graduation Day!!!

Graduation day is most awaited day of any student’s life. It came for me too. I couldn’t sleep the night before. A got up and  ready for the one of the most awaited day of my life. I reached the place as early as usual. I was feeling so priceless that day because the biggest dream of my life had come true.

I wanted to be an engineer since I didn’t know the meaning of an engineer and its responsibilities. And today, I’m officially an engineer. All the credits of this journey goes to none other than my parents, of-course. Their hard work, prayers, love and support made it all possible.

I’m kind of anti-social person. But at graduation day, I was happy to meet all of my university fellows. First time of my life, I never felt bored to meet that many people at the same time. The best part of that day was when we made group photos and thrown our graduation caps in the air, no doubt the most favorite moment of graduating students.

The journey till that day has ended but it is actually a beginning. A beginning towards new life-a professional life, probably the toughest phase of life. It’s the time for all hard work to pay off, the hard work of our parents. To make them feel happy and relaxed. To make them feel that their part has over, now it’s our turn to do something for them.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the Life you have imagined. (Henry David Thoreau)

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