My First Crush

7th June the birthday of my favorite fastest bowler from New Zealand – Shane Bond.

All cricket lovers must have known him very well. I am also a cricket’s die-hard fan for the last 10 years since I first saw him. He is so far my first crush also.


I still remember I was taking exams of 8th grade during the cricket world cup 2007. I had an exam next day and New Zealand was playing semifinal against Sri Lanka. My mother locked me down in a room so that I could study for my exam but somehow I managed to watch the game and the good news is that I got first in those exams and also got scholarship.

In my class, only I and my friend were cricket freaks while other class fellows had Indian crushes. She had crush on Muhammad Hafeez on that time if I am not forgetting. We are still cricket freaks but her crushes kept on changes time by time. But I still have crush on him.

I used to have many newspaper cuttings in my notebooks related to him, his pictures, his achievements etc. I don’t have any now but that does not mean my love and support for him is vanished.

He was, he is and he will always be my favorite cricketer ever. May he live long and keep doing more and more good for NZ’s cricket. Happy Birthday Shane Bond!!!

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