Naran Venture

It was my first trip to Northern side of Pakistan. I got chance to explore the beauty of Naran valley for 4 days with and adventure club.  It was a 4-days tour but the beauty was so ravishing that I can live years in its memories. This trip ignited the travelling passion within me. Now, All I want is to travel the whole world, try every adventurous moment in my life.

Camping Site

The best was those breakfasts between mountains and along the frigid water of Kunhar River. The shivery nights in camps, Bonfire and the alluring view of moon.


Lake Saiful Malook

We rent a jeep for Saif ul Malook. That bumpy road and the height of mountains gave me horror but that was fun too. The weather was very pleasant. It started raining so we couldn’t go near the lake. That weather and the hot boiled eggs, french fries and a cup of tea was the best combination we enjoyed.




Babusar Top

Hailing started when we were climbing towards Babusar Top so, we had to moved back to coasters but if I get a chance to go to this place once again I would never bother about hailing or anything else, I would go on the top.







Lalusar Lake

It was our last stop while returning back to Islamabad. I could not enjoy the its beauty because my mother was not feeling well but somehow I managed to capture its beauty in hurry.





Now no one can stop me. Its has become my passion to explore the beauty of whole Pakistan (but with good camera :P). I will keep sharing my travel adventures with you guys. 🙂

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