Best of 2016!!!

It’s March of 2017 and I was wondering that I haven’t wrote about the best year of my life. YES!! 2016 is one of the years that brought peace and success in my life. Let’s talk about it.

I began the year with lack of confidence. I had been preparing for competitive exams from 2015 which was in the February of 2016 but I stepped back. I did not take that exams believing that I would fail so there was no point of sitting in that exams and promising myself that I will take this exams in 2018 with full preparation and still looking for that inner self’s call to start actual preparation.

One of the best things that happened to me in this year was getting a good job but must say a great job and I am in love with my profession. Trying to progress and make a good reputation in the field of programmers.

Apart from the professional life, the trip to Naran was another great thing that happened.  Camping was best part of this trip and of course that jeep ride on the bumpy road towards Lake Saif-ul-Malook.

A trip to Khanpur Dam first with office colleagues and then with family were another thrilled moments of my life. Cliff diving had been in my wish basket for so long and it was got done by this amazing trip.

Another great thing I started doing was reading “Tafseer of Holy Quran”. May Allah help me to complete it in this year and help me in understanding His words and messages.

Reading was my passion but due to busy study schedules I never got time to read other than course text books. But, its 2016 who got this honor to give me start of this habit too. The first book I read was “Peer-e-Kamil” and it kept me giving goosebumps for many days. The second book I read was “The forty rules of Love” and yes there is no words to explain the greatness of this book. Now, I have many books in my shelf and I will not stop until I read all the books in my books-to-read list.

The best feeling in the world I think is to buy gifts for your parents with your own salary. I bought shoes for my father with my first salary and for my mother with my second salary. Smiles on their faces were all I could ever wished to see in my life.

It was the year of adventures. As they say: “Money fill your pocket. Adventure fill your soul”. I have been looking for something to give peace to my restless soul and the answer is “Travelling”. These joyful days also gave birth to photographer inside me and my pictures were appreciated by super photographers of Pakistan, which was so encouraging. Soon, you will be seeing my photography magic in my another upcoming blog.

That’s all from 2016. It was so good to me and I am hoping same from 2017.



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