Good Bye 2017

Here comes the last day of 2017. In the start of every new year, I see people in different meme, requesting new year to be nice to them. I think it’s not the year but you who have to be nice to yourself. I haven’t set my new year resolution yet but the things I started in this year, I have plan to continue doing them. Let’s see, how my 2017 went.

2017 started with the 3-days adventurous trip to Shogran and Siri Paye in January. I hadn’t see live snow falling till that day and I witnessed it. I still remember, how existed I was about snow falling and my parents kept calling me again and again just to ask me was I satisfied enough with my wish being fulfilled. I was shouting with excitement on phone call and kept saying yes yes it’s happening for real.

The second best thing happened to me in this year was Tour De Hunza (Trip to Hunza and Khunjerab Pass). I haven’t written about my that trip but it is in queue. Camping, View of Rakaposhi peak, Visit to Hunza City, Hunza’s famous Walnut cake, Visit to Pak-china boarder, watching Hunza from Eagles Nest Peak, travelling over kharakoram highway- the 8th wonder of the world, Visiting Passu and Gilgit, and the breathtaking sceneries on the way to Khunjerab Pass is beyond words. I will definitely write about the most thrilling trip of my life.

In start of 2017, I started reading ‘Tafseer of Holy Quran’ but unfortunately I left that practice and hardly completed 3 paras. I am promising myself to start it again in upcoming year and will try to complete it in 2018 InshaAllah.

In this leaving year, I switched my company and I think it was a good decision. It helped me to progress both monetarily and technically, and Alhumdulilah I am very happy with my job. Looking forward to more challenges, and more and more learning.

And yes, my sister got married in this year. The wedding went well Alhumdulilah and we really enjoyed dancing, teasing her, shopping, running to parlour and all the preparations from months to that big day. I wish her very happy and blessed life ahead. I miss her a lot.

This year fulfilled my another wish of pursuing higher education. I got admission in MS(CS) and Alhumdulilah, first semester is about to complete. I also completed my goodreads challenge of “Reading 10 books in 2017”.

So, 2017 was overall a very good and interesting year of my life. I have learned a lot about beauty of Pakistan, people, relationship, friendship, books, time management, balance between work, studies and life and much more in this year. I will be better next year. I will be better in dealing with liars, fake people, flirts and mean people. I will be better in managing my work life and studies and giving time to family and to myself. Hoping to be a better version of myself next year.

I wish you all a happy new year with new dreams, new hopes, new perspectives, new goals and new aspirations. Thanks to everyone who made me smile this year.

keep smiling, loving and reading. 🙂

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