GoodBye Note to BroadPeak

Someone once said: “How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to.” I am taking a step forward to better opportunity in my career but the time I am leaving behind is what I am never going to forget. It was not the company, not the work but the people I used to sit with and used to spent my time with, are the best kind of people. BroadPeak Technologies was my second company and I spent 1.4 years there. In that time period, I found many opportunities to groom, started my Masters and learned desktop development. They trusted me and appreciated me a lot and involved me in big projects. Apart from work, I found good friends there, who saw good in me and guided me not only in work but in life too. They taught me how to work under pressure, how to laughed no matter what’s going on in life, how to live a moment, how to judge, how to tease, how to make someone smile, how to fight for common goal and how to share happiness and sadness. You might be thinking that it is too much to learn in such a short time or may be I am exaggerating but NO, this is the truth.

Here, I am sharing my goodbye note to BroadPeak (I wrote on company’s portal):

“As many of you probably know, today is my last day at BroadPeak technologies. Before I leave, I wanted to bid goodbye to all of you and let you know that I have enjoyed working for this company and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with you all.

As I am writing this note, I am overwhelmed with emotions. I am feeling sad that I will be leaving friends that have taught me lessons, laughed with me, and above all else, was the best team I have ever worked with. SMS! you guys are amazing. I will miss our little celebrations for every happy moment we shared (friday’s mithai scenes, birthday celebrations, standup’s shugal, trip to mushkpuri, team lunches, and teasing me almost about everything :P). Thank you all for your valuable friendship and cooperation that helped me to work together.

I will always cherish my time at BroadPeak. I do wish you all and company every success in all its future endeavors.”

I am really lucky to have such amazing people in my life, best teachers, best friends, best supporters. I am going to miss them a lot.

Few glimpses of happy moments

4 thoughts on “GoodBye Note to BroadPeak

  1. You were the Pride of Team SMS-Broadpeak and for sure team will not forget you. And You’re the person for whom it was too difficult to say goodbye.
    Wish you all the best, Stay happy and blessed forever. Allah Help you in each and every moment of life.
    Muhammad Usman


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