Naran Venture

It was my first trip to Northern side of Pakistan. I got chance to explore the beauty of Naran valley for 4 days with and adventure club.  It was a 4-days tour but the beauty was so ravishing that I can live years in its memories. This trip ignited the travelling passion within me. Now, All I want is to travel the whole world, try every adventurous moment in my life.

Camping Site

The best was those breakfasts between mountains and along the frigid water of Kunhar River. The shivery nights in camps, Bonfire and the alluring view of moon.


Lake Saiful Malook

We rent a jeep for Saif ul Malook. That bumpy road and the height of mountains gave me horror but that was fun too. The weather was very pleasant. It started raining so we couldn’t go near the lake. That weather and the hot boiled eggs, french fries and a cup of tea was the best combination we enjoyed.




Babusar Top

Hailing started when we were climbing towards Babusar Top so, we had to moved back to coasters but if I get a chance to go to this place once again I would never bother about hailing or anything else, I would go on the top.







Lalusar Lake

It was our last stop while returning back to Islamabad. I could not enjoy the its beauty because my mother was not feeling well but somehow I managed to capture its beauty in hurry.





Now no one can stop me. Its has become my passion to explore the beauty of whole Pakistan (but with good camera :P). I will keep sharing my travel adventures with you guys. 🙂

A trip to Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam is a dam located on the Haro River near Potowar Plateau and the village of Khanpur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, about 25 miles from Islamabad, Pakistan.And 15 KM form Haripur. It has heartbreaking scenarios. It was the trip on which one wish (Cliff Diving) from Wish Basket came true.

We left office at 8 A.M. First we had breakfast at Melody Food Street, Islamabad. It included Halwa Puri and Lassi. Then we started our journey towards dam. The most best part of trips is the bus part-travelling together to the destination. We were singing, dancing, cheering, laughing, sharing happiness and making memories.

We reached at dam around 12 P.M. I am totally unable to explain the beauty of the clean blue water surrounded by green mountains. The camera couldn’t capture what eyes were watching. We enjoyed boating and jet skis and this was another wonderful experience.

And there come the most thrilling moment-cliff diving. I always scared of water since my childhood but first time in my life I actually jumped into the water. I have no idea from where I gathered all that courage and just jumped over the cliff and went into the water. For the second when I hit the water, I thought my life is finished now, I am drowned , I am going with the waves and that I am not coming back, no one would find me. These were all that one second thoughts and my whole life just flashed in front of my eyes. I took more than 5 minutes to stable myself. But once I got stable , I realized how beautiful it was, how beautiful the view around me, how beautiful it is to experience the fears of your life and then they remains no more.

Cliff diving, the adventure we all enjoyed a lot. After that, we had lunch and tea. Then we started our journey back to home. Again the bus part-all that singing, dancing, playing games gave this trip the happy ending.

Below, I am sharing few clicks from this trip (but this mobile camera’s clicks can not show what eyes watched).


#Ramazan Reflections

(1) You are educated. Living in a good house, have lovely and caring family, have good food and clean water to drink and you’re grateful too. Now what’s left? All your worldly desire are fulfilled.

But, still our main purpose of life is incomplete.

Why are you here?

Why are you living this life?

why are you awarded with new day every single morning?

Ask yourself. If you get no answer, find them from your surrounding, find them from the Book of Allah.

(2) Each Ramazan brings out good in me. After every Ramazan I feel myself as a more good human than the previous years. I pray, after this Ramazan my Eman level would remain high as it is in these holy days.

My First Crush

7th June the birthday of my favorite fastest bowler from New Zealand – Shane Bond.

All cricket lovers must have known him very well. I am also a cricket’s die-hard fan for the last 10 years since I first saw him. He is so far my first crush also.


I still remember I was taking exams of 8th grade during the cricket world cup 2007. I had an exam next day and New Zealand was playing semifinal against Sri Lanka. My mother locked me down in a room so that I could study for my exam but somehow I managed to watch the game and the good news is that I got first in those exams and also got scholarship.

In my class, only I and my friend were cricket freaks while other class fellows had Indian crushes. She had crush on Muhammad Hafeez on that time if I am not forgetting. We are still cricket freaks but her crushes kept on changes time by time. But I still have crush on him.

I used to have many newspaper cuttings in my notebooks related to him, his pictures, his achievements etc. I don’t have any now but that does not mean my love and support for him is vanished.

He was, he is and he will always be my favorite cricketer ever. May he live long and keep doing more and more good for NZ’s cricket. Happy Birthday Shane Bond!!!

Graduation Day!!!

Graduation day is most awaited day of any student’s life. It came for me too. I couldn’t sleep the night before. A got up and  ready for the one of the most awaited day of my life. I reached the place as early as usual. I was feeling so priceless that day because the biggest dream of my life had come true.

I wanted to be an engineer since I didn’t know the meaning of an engineer and its responsibilities. And today, I’m officially an engineer. All the credits of this journey goes to none other than my parents, of-course. Their hard work, prayers, love and support made it all possible.

I’m kind of anti-social person. But at graduation day, I was happy to meet all of my university fellows. First time of my life, I never felt bored to meet that many people at the same time. The best part of that day was when we made group photos and thrown our graduation caps in the air, no doubt the most favorite moment of graduating students.

The journey till that day has ended but it is actually a beginning. A beginning towards new life-a professional life, probably the toughest phase of life. It’s the time for all hard work to pay off, the hard work of our parents. To make them feel happy and relaxed. To make them feel that their part has over, now it’s our turn to do something for them.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the Life you have imagined. (Henry David Thoreau)